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AdVenture Capitalist


AdVenture Capitalist is an impressive idle game. You are a talented financial investor, making smart strategies and decisions to earn as much money as possible.

About AdVenture Capitalist

Game content

This is a very attractive game. True to its name - AdVenture Capitalist, the player will be an entrepreneur, who invests and develops his financial system. Just from a small lemonade shop, you will earn some money and in turn expand the market, selling more food and many other products. It is they that will continuously bring you economic benefits.


Players can use the mouse to control this game. In addition, if you hire employees, you don't even need to work on the computer, you can still get the results, just like in the game Capybara Clicker.

Rules of the game AdVenture Capitalist


Players need to keep in mind that, the further back, the more products will be upgraded with more delicious and high-class dishes. For example, at first, you sell lemonade, but then you sell pizza, donuts, shrimp, or even open a movie theater, etc. That's why you need to invest more and more money every day.

That can be risky, but if players can manage their restaurants well in AdVenture Capitalist, they can make more profit and get richer day by day.

Shop of AdVenture Capitalist

  • At the game's store, you can upgrade the quality of the products to get more money from them.
  • Don't forget to hire more managers to help you look after and develop different areas. Don't forget, each manager will have their own strengths and expertise, so each person will only be able to help you manage one area.
  • Attracting investors is also a necessity and helps you increase your income.

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