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EvoWars is a challenging and dramatic war. Players need to control their hero, accumulate energy and seize the opportunity to destroy the enemy.

Play the game EvoWars

The way to conquer this game

In EvoWars, players will transform into a hero. You will face many different opponents, sometimes you are even cornered and attacked by many enemies at the same time. Either you escape from being hit, destroy them, or you will be the one to be destroyed. In this game, the player with the largest body will have the best chance of winning.

How to control

Players can perform all the basic and necessary operations during the game with a computer mouse.

  • Hover to navigate your hero character.
  • Left-click to attack.
  • Right-click to accelerate.

Features that make EvoWars successful

Game mode

EvoWars includes 3 main game modes: FFA, Teams, and Offline modes. Each mode has its own challenges and attractions, are you curious about the rules? Let's start the game and find out.

FFA: It stands for Free For All, it is classic all vs all where everyone is your opponent.

Teams: Epic battle between teams where each map has its own unique objectives.

Offline: You vs AI, offline FFA. Good for participating, no awards are granted in this mode.

Game account

Moreover, EvoWars provides players with the ability to log in with a personal account to experience this game. With this feature, players will have the opportunity to experience the game with more interesting things. You can make friends, and play with your friends. In addition, players can also buy item packs that help strengthen the hero character.

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This is where the best EvoWars players are honored. The game system will continuously update players with good achievements on the rankings by day, week, month, and all time. Anyone has the opportunity to appear here, as long as you can achieve high achievements during the game.

In particular, at your profile in the EvoWars game, you can also track your achievements even if you are not on the leaderboard. This personal leaderboard will update your achievements through every battle.