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Impostor is a fascinating strategy game. But you also need a little luck to win. Can you do your duty well as an impostor and eliminate enemies? Good luck!

Impostor - The Hot Game

Maybe gamers are too familiar with the game Among Us, which was once extremely hot around the world. Today, we will learn about a game called Impostor, however, the main characters in the game are Among Us.

Game experience

It can be said that this is the battle of the imposter. While in Among Us the characters are divided into imposter and crewman, all the characters in this game are traitors. You will control your character, and use weapons to destroy opponents.

However, doing this is not easy. Players need to strategize carefully, and also level up their traitors to increase their chances of winning.

Developers and places to play games

Impostor continues to be a super product from DRA, this is the developer who created the game In addition, for information for those who do not know where to play this game, come to the Basketball Stars Unblocked website, where we specialize in providing the best and most attractive games.

Impostor's game features

How to control

Controlling your importer is extremely simple. Players only need to use the basic keys on the computer to master the game.

  • WASD, arrow keys, or hover is navigable.
  • Click the left mouse button to attack enemies.
  • Right-click to accelerate.
  • Collect green boxes to level up.

Game Store

Here, players can buy, sell and upgrade their imposter character. After the battles, depending on your personal achievements, the Impostor game will give coins to the player. You can use those coins to level up, buy more powerful weapons, and buy fashionable and stylish hats. In particular, players can change the color of the character completely for free.