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Basketball FRVR


Basketball FRVR helps players practice shooting and scoring skills in the sport of basketball. The more goals you score, the higher your personal record.

Basketball FRVR - Basketball Training

Welcome to one of the best basketball games! Are you ready to conquer this simple but fascinating game? How many goals can you score per turn?


This game has gameplay quite similar to Basketball Stars Unblocked or Master Dunk Basketball. This is understanding because all are basketball games, and the main task of the player when participating in the game is to score and win. However, the gameplay of Basketball FRVR is a bit different as you will not need to move and just stand in place and make throws.

Control guide

Use the mouse to control the game.

Get points in Basketball FRVR

How to score?

Coming to Basketball FRVR, players will throw the ball into the basket in front of them to score points. Basically, the gameplay is similar to the actual game when you play in the amusement parks. Although the distance between the ball and the basket is not far, players still need a certain accuracy to hit the ball on target.

How to calculate points

  • Throw the ball on target - 1 point
  • Throw the ball on target without touching the basket - 2 points
  • Use silver ball - x2 points
  • Use yellow ball - x3 points

Players can take advantage of these scoring mechanisms to have their own reasonable strategies. And don't forget that, from time to time, the basket will change position and the player also needs to change the angle of the throw. Try to create a good record for yourself in Basketball FRVR!