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Advertisement is a famous game. Control your square paper to expand your territory. You will be the leader of the ranks when you have the largest territory.

Guide to Play

How to play

Playing the game, you will directly participate in a multiplayer battle. Here, the player's mission is to create their own territory. Each person's territory will be marked with a unique color or even individual icon areas.

Starting from a small area, players will expand their area increasingly larger. To complete this mission, you will move widely. Wherever you go, your territory will be marked. But the game is interesting in that players can invade each other's territory. So be very careful.

Controls: Players will use the mouse or arrow keys to control.'s arenas

This game offers gamers many different game modes. The choice of game modes will depend on each individual's preferences, but it can be said that all modes are very interesting.

  • mode: Includes basic but equally attractive maps. You can even create your own private room to play with friends.
  • 2 mode: This is an upgraded version of the first mode. It is currently attracting many players with Class maps and especially Team maps, where players are divided into teams to compete with each other.
  • 3D mode: Many levels to conquer, such as cube, duck, croissant, and others.
  • Mods: Fight with Skibidi Toilets, jump in maps, or become a cell in
  • Minigame: This is where the maps will be designed according to the theme and have dangerous obstacles.

In addition, there is a quite similar game called Cubes If you are interested, you can try to enjoy this game.

Some Notes in

  • Don't bite your own tail
  • Don't move too far away from your territory if you don't want to be suddenly attacked by the enemy.
  • In addition to building strongholds, try to invade enemy territory to expand your reach.
  • You can unlock interesting skins if you have good results.