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Ragdoll Archers


Welcome to Ragdoll Archers, an online action game! Facing many enemies, you will use your marksmanship to shoot archery and destroy them. Good luck!

About Ragdoll Archers

This action game is very popular. It not only has many interesting features but also has interesting gameplay so it receives recognition from many gamers. In particular, if you want to play a game that can help you improve your observation, reflexes or accuracy, then it's for you!

Master Ragdoll Archers

Guide to play

In this archery game, you will immerse yourself in a fierce arena. Once you get on the floor, you either win or you lose your life. The task of a marksman like you is to hit the target and shoot the bow to defeat the opponent. Try to eliminate each opponent before they have a chance to hit you. The game will end when you run out of health and cannot continue fighting. Try to defeat as many enemies as possible, you will receive attractive rewards.

Controls: Hold the mouse and release it to shoot. Players need to remember that shooting requires stamina.

Tips and tricks

  • At the beginning of the game, you have 100HP and 100 stamina. Your HP bar is shown in red, and the stamina bar is blue. If your HP and stamina are too low, it will reduce your fighting ability.
  • Shoot arrows and hit red apples to gain more HP, green apples to gain more stamina, and yellow apples to gain both.
  • There are many types of arrows that have power bonuses compared to the default arrows. Destroy enemies to unlock them.
  • You can equip additional armor or upgrade stats such as health, stamina, damage, or arrow slots by exchanging kills. Therefore, it is necessary to destroy many enemies.

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