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Santa Tracker


Santa Tracker is a fun Christmas game. Do you want to follow Santa Claus to deliver gifts to children around the world? Join the game to experience it now!

Santa Tracker Game Information

Aiming to serve the needs and gaming preferences of gamers around the world, Google has launched the game Santa Tracker. The game is not only attractive but also suitable for all users. It is also installed in many different languages, helping players in every country to join the game and celebrate a merry Christmas together.

In Santa Tracker, players can follow the countdown to Christmas, December 24-25 every year. This clock will never stop, it will count back time to this special holiday from year to year.

In addition, it also includes many videos, entertaining stories, and interesting mini-games. Are you curious about the exciting activities included in Santa Tracker?

Santa Tracker mini-games

Take Christmas photos

In this category, there are two games called Santa Selfie and Elf Maker. Both of these games are quite simple and do not have any rules that make it difficult for players. You just need to be creative with your personal preferences. Help Santa have a beautiful new look with a new beard and hair, then take a photo and show it off to your friends. Likewise, before taking a photo of Elf, you will help this character choose the most suitable outfit.

Puzzle Mini-games in Santa Tracker

The puzzle mini-games in Santa Tracker are also extremely interesting. Within the time limit, players need to try to roll the ball into the box as much as possible with the Gumbal Tilt game. Match the complete pictures with the Code Lab mini-game. In addition, there is Elf Ski which is a game that requires gamers to avoid pine trees while skiing.

Help Santa collect gifts in mini-games

Welcome players to a series of Santa Tracker mini-games. In featured games like Build and Bolt, Snowball Storm, and Present Bounce. The player's main task in these mini-games is to help Santa collect as many gift boxes as possible.

On your journey to deliver gifts to children around the world, you will follow Santa and learn with him about customs and traditions in different regions of the world. Join this game now to welcome a peaceful Christmas this year!

Platforms to play this game: Basketball Stars Unblocked website.