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Geometry Dash SubZero


Geometry Dash SubZero is a very unique running game. You will conquer the challenging race tracks of the game by accompanying the cute cube.

About Geometry Dash SubZero

Welcome players to the world of Geometry Dash SubZero! You've heard of Geometry Dash and its series of worldly games. So today we are honored to present to you a new game called Geometry Dash SubZero. Let's start the game!


In this game, you will control a cube that moves in a speed maze. The obstacles in this track are not simple. They appear densely and force you to use speed to overcome them. Therefore, players should pay attention and react flexibly to overcome all!

Players need to pay attention to avoid their cube colliding with any obstacles. You will be disqualified immediately if that happens.


  • Use the mouse, spacebar, and up arrow keys to jump.
  • Use Z/ X to set/delete checkpoints.

Features of Geometry Dash SubZero

Types of cubes

There are many different types of cubes that will appear in this game. Try to unlock as many, you will have the opportunity to experience these cubes and even experience racing rounds with different backgrounds and music. It can be said that the music of Geometry Dash SubZero is extremely diverse, and vibrant and can boost the player's energy.


Playing Geometry Dash SubZero, the player's achievements will be recorded and statistically recorded by the game system in a separate section in the game. Whenever you want to keep track of your leaderboard, you can go through it. In addition, players can receive gifts if they complete the challenges of the game.