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Penalty Shootout


Penalty Shootout is an exciting soccer game. Players will experience moments of sublimation on the pitch with accurate free kicks. Are you ready?

Penalty Shootout Game

Welcome players to the world of the king of sport, Penalty Shootout! Here are the details for you about this impressive game, stay tuned for the best possible experience.

Game content

Penalty Shootout game is like a miniature football world, where many extreme tournaments take place. However, coming to this game, you have to face even more difficulties when all are free-kick matches. If you do not calculate correctly and carefully, you will lose.

How to play

Players will use the mouse to navigate for their players. You click when the arrow points to any position, and your player will shoot the ball to that position. Similarly, when you are a goalkeeper, where you click, the goalkeeper will lean in that direction. Therefore, players need to be very focused and precise if they want to be the winner.

It can be said that football and basketball are the two most loved sports. That is also the reason why game makers have been creating many online games about them. Penalty Shootout and Basketball Stars Unblocked are good examples.

Your own choice in Penalty Shootout

Playing this game, players can choose to compete in many different arenas such as the World Cup, Spain League, Brazil League, England League, etc. In those arenas, you will have the opportunity to compete with many countries and strong opponents. You can also play for a wide variety of teams around the world.

Moreover, players can even get to know their opponents through group stages, K.O. rounds, or finals. In general, as long as you have accuracy, calm, and practice hard, you can become a Penalty Shootout champion. Good luck!