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War Of Sticks

War Of Sticks is a highly strategic action game. Your mission is to lead the army to destroy the enemy base and protect your base as well as your warriors.

War Of Sticks Game

Welcome to our super cool website. This is the place that provides the hottest "hot" games right now. In addition to the Basketball Stars Unblocked game, today we will bring you another equally interesting game, which is War Of Sticks. Let's start the game!

Conquer the game

When coming to War Of Sticks, players will have to confront another army. Your mission is to destroy all enemies. But more importantly, raiding their base. To be able to complete this mission, the player will train and train his soldiers. Then, when the time is right, you will lead your army to attack the enemy. However, remember, protecting your base as well as your teammates is also extremely important.

Guide to control

Players can use the mouse to control this game. After earning enough coins, and having soldiers, you can click the reasonable buttons to attack, defend enemies, or retreat to base.