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Only Up


Only Up is a new unique adventure game. To explore a vast world full of secrets, you must go as high as you can, and the most fun starts in the clouds.

Description of Only Up

Find out what lies beyond their junkyard fence and feel the world calling you to explore it! Like baby birds leaving the nest, you will need courage and perseverance to overcome your fears and achieve your goals. And that is what makes Only Up!

The game content

In Only Up game, you will play a teenager Jackie from the slums who wants to escape poverty and begin a journey to learn about the world and himself. The world has certainly gone crazy, although it has never been normal, but perhaps now is your chance.

Jackie will have to learn that to get to a new place, you must first make a jump and get off the ground without knowing what will happen in the future, ... A brave man has no goals, only The road, stoicism, patience, and strength will get you to the top, but what awaits up there? Those will be interesting surprises of the game.

How to control

  • Use the spacebar to jump up.
  • Hover the mouse to change your view.
  • Use WASD to move.
  • Press C to crouch.
  • Press Shift to sprint.
  • Use caps to walk.
  • Press R to restart.

Main features of the game Only Up

  • Only Up! is inspired by the fairy tale "Jack and the Magic Bean Tree" and makes people think of scene games.
  • You will follow the same mythical path as Jack to achieve something greater than climbing to the top.
  • One of the game's outstanding features is the ability to slow down time and change the character's speed.
  • The game also contains hundreds of Easter eggs and various references.
  • The game will require concentration and patience but remember, the first step starts everything.

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