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Bad Ice Cream 3


Bad Ice Cream 3 is an interesting gaming platform. In the game, the task of players will be to collect fruits to have ingredients to make ice cream.

Bad Ice Cream 3 - Guide to Play

Some rules in the game

To start this game. Players can choose their favorite ice cream flavor. There are four flavors to choose from chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, gubble gum, licorice, and mint chocolate chips. Your mission is to collect all of the fruit on the screen. Be careful to avoid the enemies, as they will try to hurt you. You can use your ice cream powers to freeze enemies and create ice platforms. In addition, working together with your friend to complete the levels is also not a bad idea.

Tips and Tricks

  • Use the environment to your advantage. For example, you can use ice platforms to reach higher areas or to cross gaps.
  • Be careful of the enemies. Some enemies can attack you from a distance, while others can only attack you if you are close.
  • Use your ice cream powers wisely. For example, you can freeze enemies to stop them from attacking you, or you can create ice platforms to reach new areas.
  • Work together with your friends. You can help each other to reach higher areas, to defeat enemies, and to collect fruit.

Use coins in Bad Ice Cream 3

The more challenges you overcome in the game, the more coins you will receive. In Bad Ice Cream 3, coins can be used to do many things. In particular, players can use them to revive after each encounter with danger. Then, the achievements in that level will not disappear, you will not need to play again from the beginning.

In addition, players can also buy many other items in the game's store. These items will greatly help your game experience. If power-ups in Basketball Stars Unblocked help players score points or defend, items in Bad Ice Cream 3 help you speed up and protect yourself from danger.