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Basket And Ball


About Basket And Ball

Basket And Ball is an exciting basketball game from Sun Temple. In the game, you will guide the ball to put it into the basket while trying to collect 3 stars.

You know, in this sport, the ball and the basket always go together. They are like a pair of inseparable friends. With the same meaning, the game makers created the game with the friendly name Basket And Ball. The ball can only find its way to the basket to succeed and complete an exciting basketball match.

Tutorial To Play Basket And Ball


Coming to this game, the basket as usual will be placed in a fixed position. The player is responsible for guiding the ball so that it can reunite with its best friend. You will complete the mission when you put the ball into the basket. Besides, collecting stars is also extremely important, it shows whether your basketball skills are good or not.

Players need to pay special attention to the time. Each level will have different difficulty and ease, so the time it takes you to complete the task will also be different. Basket And Ball will equip a countdown timer at each level. If at the end of the time you do not meet the requirements, the mission fails.

How to control

  • Use the Spacebar to jump
  • Use the left and right keys to move
  • In some special levels, you will use the mouse to navigate and throw the ball into the basket.

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