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Basket Champs


Basket Champs is a fun throwing ball game. Players will conquer the championship after international matches by scoring more goals than their opponents.

Shoot, Score, and Become a Basketball Champion!

Step onto the basketball court and experience the thrill of the game like never before in "Basket Champs"! Show off your shooting skills, compete against other teams, and aim to become the ultimate basketball champion.

Rules of the game

Basket Champs is an addictive and fast-paced basketball game that is easy to pick up but challenging to master. The objective is simple: score as many baskets as possible within the time limit. Use your finger or mouse to control the aim and power of your shots. Time your release perfectly to sink those perfect shots and lead your team to victory!

Strategic Gameplay

Basket Champs is not just about shooting hoops. Utilize strategic moves and passing techniques to outsmart your opponents. Plan your plays carefully and find the best openings to make those crucial assists and alley-oops. Observing and choosing the right moment is key to claiming victory!

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Conquer tournaments

Qualifiers and K.O rounds

Compete in various tournaments and leagues to prove your basketball prowess. Each tournament offers different levels of difficulty and rewards. From local championships to international showdowns, the path to becoming a true Basket Champ is filled with exciting challenges.

Diverse Teams and Players

Choose your team from a roster of diverse and charismatic players, each with their unique abilities and shooting styles. Whether you prefer precision shooters, agile dribblers, or powerful dunkers, there's a player to match your playing style. Upgrade and train your team members to boost their skills and dominate the court.

Sudden Death

Players will need to make the most accurate throws possible to decide their ticket to continue with Sudden Death. This will happen when you and your opponent have the same number of points. At that time, each player will in turn throw a Sudden Death to K.O their opponent.

Basket Champs combines addictive gameplay, thrilling competitions, and strategic challenges to offer an immersive basketball gaming experience. Shoot, score, and strategize your way to victory, and let the world witness your basketball greatness in Basket Champs!