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Basketball Beans


Basketball Beans is a basketball game with many special features. Control and combine the bean team members to have resounding victories through matches.

The Game of Beans

Rules of the game

Different from the popular basketball games on the game market like Basketball Stars Unblocked or Head Sports Basketball, where basketball games are mainly focused on solo or doubles competition. Coming to Basketball Beans, you will fight with any team members with any team.

The rules of the game are still the same, the main task of the players in each basketball game is to try to score as many goals as possible in the time allowed. Control your character to move, steal the ball, coordinate with teammates, and throw the ball into the basket to score, increasing the gap with the opponent.


Hold the mouse and move the mouse to the direction to control the movement direction for the character. Besides, every time you release the mouse, the runner character will throw the ball forward.

Discover the fun of the game


Basketball Beans not only provides players with interesting special skins for the character's outfit, besides, you can also buy and own skins for the basketball. It's worth the wait, isn't it?

Skins for Beans: For our main character, players can help him stand out from the crowd. Even in a group with many different Beans, we can still easily recognize our character. To do so, you can purchase competitive skins. At the same time, the hats also help a lot.

Skins for the ball: On the playing field, sometimes the default basketball will be the same color as the playing field. That is the reason why players sometimes will not keep up with the ball because it is difficult to recognize it. No problem! You can unlock ball skins to change the color and texture of the basketball.

Speed up and win

In Basketball Beans, the player will be the main character, the key player of the team. It is no exaggeration to say that the success of the match, whether you win or lose, is 90% up to you. Therefore, players should know useful information before starting to conquer the game.

On the field, when you are constantly moving, not only will your Bean not lose strength, but you will also be able to speed up and get in better shape. As long as you do not release the mouse, your character will accelerate continuously and breakthrough before the opponent.

Furthermore, just like regular basketball games, collisions to steal the ball and stop the opponent are frequent. Playing Basketball Beans, you can also collide with your opponent to push him back, steal the ball and face her for a goal.

The developer

Created by the team of Bite Sized Games, the game brings together players of all ages to experience a unique blend of strategy, skill, and fun. In this imaginative world, players take on the role of bean athletes competing in a high-stakes basketball tournament. The game is designed to foster camaraderie, strategic thinking, and friendly competition, making it a perfect addition to any game night or family gathering.