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Basketball Physics


Basketball Physics brings you to participate in exciting basketball competitions. Accompany your teammates and compete actively to score more points and win.

A Wacky Hoops Adventure!

Welcome to Basketball Physics, a hilarious and physics-based basketball game that takes the sport to a whole new level of fun and excitement! Get ready for a unique basketball experience that defies gravity and leaves you in stitches.

Gameplay of Basketball Physics

In this game, traditional basketball rules are out the window! The gameplay is infused with whimsical physics, making every match a delightful rollercoaster ride. You control a team of comical characters, each with their unique abilities, on an unconventional court. The objective remains the same - score baskets, but it's the journey to get there that sets this game apart.


  • Player 1: Control by the Z key.
  • Player 2: Control by the M key.

Basketball Physics's attractions

Multiplayer Madness

Take on friends or other players worldwide in multiplayer mode. Engage in hilarious basketball battles that will have everyone laughing and cheering. With unpredictable physics at play, every match becomes a laugh-out-loud experience, making Basketball Physics the perfect party game.

Change characters and shadows

Basketball Physics offers players a variety of characters as well as different ball skins. In particular, you do not need to pay any extra cost to change the characters. You can freely choose the characters of the countries in the game list to accompany in basketball matches.

However, for glossy skins, players need to meet certain game requirements to unlock and use them. Have fun playing the game, and don't forget to visit Basketball Stars Unblocked if you want to learn more about online basketball games!


Basketball Physics offers an outrageous and entertaining take on the beloved sport of basketball. Embrace the chaos, master the physics, and create unforgettable moments as you dunk, bounce, and score your way to victory. Are you ready to defy gravity and become the ultimate basketball showman? Let the wacky hoops adventure begin!