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Advertisement is an exciting video game related to a famous sport. You will be a basketball player, participate in matches with teammates, and try to win.



In this game, players will conquer the sport of basketball by throwing the ball into the basket as much as possible. In particular, this game will help you feel more like playing in a real match than Basketball Stars Unblocked when allowing players to join their teammates. Are you ready to conquer this impressive game?

Game control

Players can use the mouse or arrow keys to move.

Some notes players need to know

Teamwork in is a game that promotes teamwork. In this game, you cannot win by playing alone. You will support, and coordinate with teammates to be able to score in the most effective way, and at the same time prevent the opponent from shortening the score.

A player or a teammate, while holding the ball, moves toward the opponent's pitch, will surely be approached by the opponent and steal the ball. At that time, your friends will be your support, helping you to the siege. Just run to and touch the enemy, and they will be pushed away, then, the opportunity to score again continues to come to you.

How to score

Each ball that hits the target will bring 1 point to the player. The most special thing in this game is that the player will not need control for the athlete to throw the ball. You just need to guide him to the green penalty area of the goal, he will automatically throw the ball and score. Moreover, athletes can even score goals with many unique and interesting poses.

Unblock skins in

Join this game, players have the opportunity to unlock attractive skins. You can not only own new costumes for athletes, and eye-catching ball skins, but also extremely impressive arenas. With these skins, players need enough diamonds to unlock according to the game's requirements.