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Bazooka Boy


Bazooka Boy is an exciting action game. Control your character to aim and shoot at enemies. With limited bullets, can you conquer the difficulties in this game?

Playing the Bazooka Boy Game

Win in the game

Transforming into a hero, you will take on the task of destroying all your enemies. Attack their base to achieve your goal. Coming to the Bazooka Boy game, players will take turns facing enemies through each level. In the first levels, you need to face one or less enemies. Furthermore, destroying them is also simpler.
Meanwhile, more difficult levels will require players to have higher precision. The enemies are even arranged to stand in huts and pedestals of ceramic, iron, etc. Players must accurately calculate the bullet's landing point to hit the target.


Players use the computer mouse to control. Neither your character nor the enemy can move. Therefore, it is important that you hit the target by holding down the mouse and shoot by releasing the mouse.

Levels in Bazooka Boy

The game has a total of 24 levels with increasing difficulty, as mentioned above. In addition, each level player can receive up to 3 stars depending on their achievements. However, if you perform poorly, you may not receive stars. Besides, your score will be accumulated across levels. What score will you receive? Play Bazooka Boy and show off your score to your friends!

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