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Boxing Stars


About Boxing Stars

The game information

Boxing Stars is an extremely impressive online sports game. Participate in boxing matches to improve your skills and aim for the world championship.

This game is extremely suitable for gamers who love boxing. Whether you are a new boxing player or a master in the field, the game is suitable for you. You have the opportunity to conquer valuable matches and milestones in the game. Start the game and complete your goal!

Boxing matches

  • In this game, you will start as an amateur athlete who will constantly fight to gain experience and aim for the top position. Boxing Stars allows you to compete in underground first matches. With a bet of $25, if you win, you not only have experience but can also confidently enter more intense battles.
  • What do you think about boxing clubs? When you earn enough money, you can unlock this mode and fight with members of other teams. They are well-trained athletes, so they will be stronger than underground athletes. Be careful.
  • Similar to the Basketball Stars Unblocked game, this boxing game also allows players to compete in arenas and tournaments to assert their position. However, tournaments will select athletes more carefully. Only people with good skills can participate in this arena. You need to win at least 10 times at the clubs to receive the trophy and participate in the tournament.
  • Finally, the Championship - the most valuable title of the game. Will you overcome everything and defeat all opponents to reach this glory?

Instructions for playing Boxing Stars


Every battle in the game is extremely thrilling. You can only win or lose, receive winnings or lose. Therefore, you need to really focus and make an effort. The 1 vs 1 match in Boxing Stars will take place within 1 minute. Two athletes attack each other strategically. At the end of the specified time, the player with more points, that is, hitting more opponents, will win. There is another possible situation: if either player runs out of the HP bar, that player will lose even if the time has not expired.

Upgrade and controls


  • A - Knockdown punch. An attack has the possibility of K.O the opponent.
  • S - Block enemy attacks. The block will be more successful at a higher level of defense
  • D - Knockback punch. Attack has the ability to push back the opponent
  • Left and right arrow keys to move

To improve your chances of winning in the Boxing Stars game, you can make the following upgrades to your boxer:

  • Upgrade Power for more powerful attacks.
  • Upgrade Defense for better blocking of attacks.
  • Upgrade Health for more body resistance.
  • Upgrade Regeneration for faster energy regeneration.