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Bubble Wipeout

Bubble Wipeout is an impressive puzzle game. In this game, players will match balls of the same color to break them and get points. Are you ready?

Bubble Wipeout Information

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True to its name, Bubble Wipeout is an entertainment platform where players will perform the task of wiping all bubbles that appear. Players will control a ball-shooting machine, and navigate so that the machine shoots balls into areas with balls of the same color to break them. You will only be able to destroy the ball when you combine 3 or more balls of the same color. In particular, the more balls you break, the higher the score you get.


Use the mouse to control the game. In which, hover to navigate and click the mouse to shoot.

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Some notes when playing Bubble Wipeout

  • Bubble Wipeout is a refreshed game with an upgrade and improved graphics, so the game is very interesting to attract the attention of players. However, the game content has not changed too much.
  • During playing Bubble Wipeout, players should pay attention to the time. Since you will only be allowed to conquer the game for 2. When the time runs out, the game is over and you can start a new one right after.
  • In 2 minutes, try to score as many points as possible to set a record.
  • The higher the level, the more difficult it will be. At that time, the colorful bubbles will be placed further apart so that players can take advantage of their thinking ability as well as their agility.
  • Plus, Bubble Wipeout gives you special balls. If you can burst the leaf-shaped balls, it will help you detonate a bomb. At that time, the surrounding balls will also explode. It helps you save time and still score more points.