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Calimero Basketball


Calimero Basketball is an attractive basketball game. Experience this game, and you will have the opportunity to practice and develop your throwing skills.

About Calimero Basketball

If you've ever watched the animated movie Calimero, you're probably too familiar with our black chicken. So, right now, you will have the opportunity to practice sports with chickens. Are you ready to hit the field and immerse yourself in the world of basketball?

Play the game

Playing Calimero Basketball might remind you of the game Basketball Stars Unblocked. However, in this game, players will only need to navigate accurately for their ball to be able to hit the target. In fact, this game requires you to have good skills to score and get a high score.

How to get points?

As mentioned above, the player does not need to move or control his character. You just need to use the mouse to determine the position and direction of the ball, then click the mouse to throw the ball.

Two attractive game modes

Time trials

Playing Calimero Basketball in this mode, the player will have a certain amount of time. You will not be limited to pitches. However, when the time runs out, the game will be over. Try to hit the ball continuously to score points and create records.


The challenge mode of the game will be different from the above mode. In this mode, you will only have 9 pitches, and there is no time limit. It can be said that the two game modes of Calimero Basketball are opposite in terms of rules. Moreover, in the game, if you can hit the ball continuously, the number of points for each hit will also be increased. Wish you happy gaming!