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Christmas Bridge Runner


Christmas Bridge Runner brings a happy Christmas atmosphere to gamers. Try to collect as many socks as fast as possible and reach the finish line first.

What is Christmas Bridge Runner?

Christmas Bridge Runner is an exciting running game. Collect socks to build a bridge and reach the finish line. If you are in the top 3 fastest players, you will be rewarded.

This game responds to the Christmas festival season every year-end. You know, every Christmas season, children use socks to wait for gifts from Santa Claus. Therefore, stockings can also be seen as a symbol of the Christmas season. And it will also appear in a quite special way in the game Christmas Bridge Runner.

Guide to Play Christmas Bridge Runner

The player's task when participating in Christmas Bridge Runner is to collect as many socks as possible. Players will transform into a stickman and compete with another stickman. Each person will be distinguished by color.

The stickmen all have the same mission of collecting as many socks as possible. However, each stickman can only pick up socks of the same color as himself. Then, use them to build bridges to run to another platform and so on until you reach the finish line.

In Basketball Stars Unblocked, after each tournament, the top 3 players with the best results will be honored and awarded cups. Similarly, in Christmas Bridge Runner, after each competition, the top 3 excellent players will receive coins as a reward. Players can use it to buy power-ups that help them collect x2 socks.

Additionally, players can collect different colored socks which are special socks. So what are special socks like? When stickmen collide with each other during a mission, the stickman with fewer socks will fall. The socks that fall out will be special socks that are gray in color. And any player has a card to collect them. That is also the key to helping players collect more socks quickly.