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City Cricket


City Cricket helps players practice the sport of cricket. The player needs to control his character to hit the ball. Try to get as many points as possible!

Playing City Cricket Online Game

For players of the Basketball Stars Unblocked website game, sports games are always the top favorite choices. Therefore, City Cricket is the game that we will introduce to gamers today. This baseball game is extremely interesting, let's find out before starting this game!

The player's task in City Cricket game is to hit the ball to get the highest score possible. Choose your team and enter the baseball matches, the player will play the role of the batsman. The balls will be thrown towards you in turn. Either you hit the ball and score, or you're eliminated and your team loses.

Attractive Features of City Cricket

Control the game

Players can control the game easily with just the computer mouse. When the ball is coming, you will click the mouse to hit it. It is important that you hit the ball at the right time because no matter how slow or fast you are, the ball will probably fall. Choose the most appropriate time to click and hit the ball.

Some rules of City Cricket

  • Players can only miss the ball once. On the second miss, the game will end.
  • A score of 6 is the highest score per hit, and 1 is the lowest score.
  • Your score for each shot will depend on when you strike the ball.
  • City Cricket does not limit the number of times you hit the ball. You can hit the ball as much as possible.

Above is information and features about the game for those who love sports games, especially baseball. Right now, start the City Cricket game, overcome all challenges, and prove yourself! Good luck!