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Doodle Champion Island Games


Doodle Champion Island Games is an exciting adventure game. Explore the islands in Japan and become the leader by defeating all the champions on the islands.

About Doodle Champion Island Games

Some information about the game

Welcome to Doodle Champion Island Games! This is an extremely interesting role-playing game. Players will control a cat named Lucky with the ambition of becoming "Island Champion".

To complete this goal, you need to defeat all the champions to take the throne. There are seven champions in different sports on seven different islands in Japan. You accompany Lucky and conquer all challenges to quickly ascend to the throne. Are you ready?

Control guide

  • Use the arrow keys to move.
  • Press the SPACEBAR to take action.

How to win in Doodle Champion Island Games?

Coming to this super attractive game, players will immerse themselves in the flow of sports where each island will bring you a different experience. Sometimes you will compete in table tennis, volleyball, or many other sports.

There are 4 participating teams with different characteristic colors, players will join 1 of those 4 teams. At the end of the Olympics, the team with the highest score in the rankings will win.

In addition, when you win against any champion, you will receive a certificate scroll from them.

There are challenges where you will compete individually, but sometimes you also need to coordinate with your teammates to win.

Doodle Champion Island Games is truly an impressive adventure game combining sports. Besides, Basketball Stars Unblocked is also a good suggestion for those who love sports, especially basketball.