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Dribble Kings


Dribble Kings - The Best Football Game

Dribble Kings is a fun soccer game. Help your online players overcome opponents and score on the opponent's ball. And, don't forget to collect coins.

As a football player, your most important mission in each match is to score. In Dribble Kings too, you will dribble past opponent defenders for a chance to score. In this game, gamers' playing style will be a little different. In Penalty Shootout, you need to take a free kick and defeat the goalkeeper to score. Meanwhile, in Dribble Kings you will not need to face the goalkeeper, but the defenders will not let you get points easily.

Controls: You will use the computer mouse to control your player.

Enjoy Dribble Kings

Guide to play

Coming to the super impressive game Dribble Kings, you will be the one who holds the initiative. Right from the start of every match, you are always the one holding the ball. However, you will be alone to score points, while your opponent has many defenders. You need to dribble past defenders and score as many goals as possible. Try to get the ball as far as possible, then you will get a high score.

What are Coins used for?

Players need to note that as soon as you get the ball stolen by defenders, you lose and the game ends. However, while competing in Dribble Kings soccer matches, you will have the opportunity to collect coins. Try to collect as many as possible. The effect of those coins is to help you save progress.

For example, without coins, the game will end as soon as your ball is stolen by your opponent and you need to start over. But if you have coins, you can use those coins to buy more games. Each time is 5 coins, then you can continue the match with the number of points you have. This is your opportunity to improve your score and even set a record in the Dribble Kings game.