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Epic Battle Puzzle

Epic Battle Puzzle is a fun action-matching puzzle game. To finish the assignment and win, the player must command and unite both hero characters.

About Epic Battle Puzzle

Play this puzzle game

In Epic Battle Puzzle, your territory is being invaded by dangerous monsters. They even kidnapped the people as hostages. Only our two heroes can help the villagers and rescue the town. Players will control two heroes to rescue victims captured by the enemy. Can you destroy all the monsters in the game?


  • Hero 1: Use the WASD to control.
  • Hero 2: Use the arrow keys to control.

Some features in Epic Battle Puzzle

Play with friends

As mentioned above, Epic Battle Puzzle consists of two main characters performing the mission of scepter. Therefore, you have two options to play this game. Or you can play the game yourself and control both heroes at the same time. Or you can play the game with friends, each controlling a character on the same computer. In fact, in addition to this game, we have also introduced you to many games for two players. Basketball Stars Unblocked is a prime example.

How to kill monsters

To save the victim, the player needs to destroy all the monsters and go through the doors to search and rescue them one by one. In Epic Battle Puzzle, these monsters will not move, however, each monster comes with a stat. That means you need to accumulate enough power stats to take them down

In addition, players should especially note that during the battle, you need to protect yourself so that both heroes are alive. If either hero is destroyed by a monster, the game is over. Besides, for those who love action games, 1v1.LOL is not a bad suggestion.