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Escape Or Die


Escape Or Die is an attractive puzzle game. With your imagination and logical thinking, you will find the answer to escape before the bomb in the room explodes.

Escape Or Die - Guide To Play

If you like thrilling and dramatic games, Escape Or Die is such a game. Not only that, it also helps players stimulate thinking and imagination to decode puzzles.

In the game, you are locked in a room with a time bomb. With a duration of 10 minutes, the player must find the game's solution and escape. If you cannot complete this goal, the bomb will explode and you will die right there. That is also the reason why the game is named "Escape Or Die".

Tips for Players

  • In the game, players need to observe meticulously. The game's puzzles are meticulously designed and require a high level of imagination.
  • Find the key to open the doors.
  • Don't be too hasty in directly affecting the bomb. It can easily explode with just your seemingly small operations.
  • The items of the Escape Or Die game are stored quite carefully, so look carefully.
  • Pay attention to pictures, colors and items with special shapes.