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Flying School

Flying School is an arcade game. In this game, players need to control and guide their young birds practicing to fly. Are you ready to take on the challenge?

Play Flying School

Gameplay of Flying School

Coming to this fascinating game, you will be the guide for the young bird to learn to fly. The player's task is to help the little bird fly from one nest to another. However, you must not allow the bird to fall, fall, or hit anything that will injure it.

Controls: Players just need to click and drag the computer mouse to aim and shoot and release the mouse to let the baby bird start flying. Or, if you use mobile devices, you can do the same thing. Touch the screen, drag backward, and release to let the bird fly in the right direction.

Unlock new birds

Flying School offers a list of adorable baby birds. Players can choose to accompany the game's default bird or teach other lovely birds to fly. However, to unlock and accompany them, you need to fulfill and meet the requirements of the game.

Some Notes When Playing Flying School

In Flying School, players need to pay special attention to the challenges and obstacles of the game. Do not let the bird fall, fall to the ground. Or even being shot by hunters, or captured by ferocious animals. All of which will cause the baby bird to lose its life, and possibly end the game.

During the gameplay, each time and hit the obstacles, you will lose 1 life. If all lives are lost, the game is over. Each heart in the game will represent 1 life, you have 3 lives to start the game. However, during the game, you can collect more hearts and stars. The rules of this game are basically the same as Egg Drop Online, you can try it out if you are interested.