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Flying Way Duo Race

Flying Way Duo Race is a very special racing game. Your supercar in this game can even fly and take part in a race in the air. Will you join the game?

Flying Way Duo Race - Best Racing Game

In previous articles, we have introduced to players many attractive basketball games that are at the top of the most played games, such as Basketball Stars Unblocked. Besides, we also introduced the racing game Crazy Cars and received a lot of support. Therefore, today, we will continue to update another extremely attractive racing game called Flying Way Duo Race.

Conquer the track with supercars

Flying Way Duo Race is an extremely impressive car racing game that cps an aerial track. Players will control their supercar to move on this track, collect eye-catching purple diamonds, and avoid colliding with dangerous obstacles. In addition, players can also set personal records when crossing the longest distance possible on this endless track.


  • Player 1: Use the WASD to move.
  • Player 2: Use the arrow keys to move.

In addition, if the player buys power-ups, you can use the keys: X to suck diamonds, C to protect yourself, Z to x2 number of diamonds.

Some attractive features of Flying Way Duo Race

Two-player mode

In addition to relaxing yourself with Flying Way Duo Race when free or stressed, players can also use this game to compete with friends. It not only helps you improve your gaming skills but also helps to bond with friends. When playing in this mode, your screen will split in half, each side showing a player's gameplay.

Flying Way Duo Race Garage

With the number of diamonds collected through each race, players can use it to buy amazing game items. In it, there are power-ups as mentioned above, and different supercars. In there, the supercars attract the attention of players with diverse, extremely beautiful designs.

In particular, each time your supercar moves into the high riser, it will release a pair of wings that allow it to fly. And each of these supercars will carry a wing with different characteristics. Have you ever piloted such a flying car? Come to Flying Way Duo Race and experience it!