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Advertisement Battle Royale gives gamers a great playground. In the game, the player will control his hole to move around to eat everything and destroy the enemy.

Description of Battle Royale

Welcome all players to Battle Royale! Today we will learn about the details and gameplay of this new game. Let's get it!

Play the game

Players who come to Battle Royale will participate in multiplayer battles. In which, each player will control a hole with the task of moving around to eat, eat and eat. The more items you eat in the game, the faster your hole will grow and bigger. At that time, you can gradually destroy other players and win.

How to control

Players only need to hover to navigate for their character. Besides, you can click and hold the mouse to speed up. This acceleration function can help you escape the pursuit of the enemy, but conversely, you can also use it to chase and assassinate the weaker ones.

Some tips to win in Battle Royale

This is a good and simple game, but to win absolutely, players can follow the tips below:

  • Focus on collecting small items first to develop the body.
  • At the beginning of the game, your hole is small, so you can only eat small items.
  • When it is sized up, try to eat bigger items because they will bring more points and size up faster.
  • Try to collect green arrows, and magnets to help you have the upper hand. Otherwise, avoid the red arrow.
  • Move to the safe area when there is a notification that the safe area is about to be narrowed.
  • Follow the leaderboard to know where you are, who you can kill, and who you should avoid. Battle Royale is a featured product on our Basketball Stars Unblocked website. Wish you happy gaming.