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Jewel Pets Match


Jewel Pets Match is a puzzle game in which players need to connect 3 or more identical pets to collect them. You will follow the game's requirements to win.

About Jewel Pets Match

This is a match-3 puzzle-style intellectual game that is both familiar and new with many unique features, which will keep people engaged for hours every time they enter the game.

Play the fascinating game

Like many matching games on computers, players connect rows, columns, or diagonals of at least 3 identical pet shapes. You can select each location to swap pets or select 1 pet and drag it to a new location. In particular, Jewel Pets Match possesses many eye-catching effects or combos that produce images and huge bonus scores. And it is those effects that make this game attractive.


Players just need to use the mouse to click, select, and change the position of pets in the game. In addition to this game, we also have other "hot" games like Wordle or Tic Tac Toe Classic. Wish you happy gaming!

Jewel Pets Match game features

Game's levels

The game offers many new interesting features besides the traditional gameplay of this game series, giving players a new and exciting game experience. One of the most unique new elements in the game is special levels, which require players to complete certain tasks and will be rewarded handsomely if successfully completed.


Although much improved in terms of graphics and effects, just like traditional Match-3 games, Jewel Pets Match also comes with countless different rewards and help items for players to use on the game screen. These power-ups can help you a lot in challenging levels, but note that they are limited so only use them when really needed.