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Knife Hit 2


About Knife Hit 2

Knife Hit 2 is an interesting video game. Players need to control and throw knives at the bosses to destroy them. Knives must not be thrown over each other.

Tutorial to Play Knife Hit 2

How to play

The player's mission in Knife Hit 2 game is to master their knives. Imagine you are practising throwing knives and hitting targets to become a true ninja. Your target will always rotate, but it will not rotate according to a certain mechanism. Players need to observe delicately and react flexibly to seize opportunities. When all the knives hit the target, it will automatically be destroyed and you win to level up. However, players should note that the knives are not allowed to be in the same position. If you throw them on top of each other, the mission fails.

How to control: Click the mouse to throw knives.

Features of Knife Hit 2

This online game is very attractive and receives positive feedback from gamers. Partly because of its interesting properties. Knife Hit 2 provides players with a diverse collection of knives. To unlock and use them, there are two ways:

  • Collect apples: Apples are attached to the target. If you hit those apples with your knife and accumulate them, you have a chance to unlock some special knives. Those knives require 250 apples. Good luck!
  • Confronting bosses: During the process of mastering Knife Hit 2, players will have to confront bosses such as tomato, cheese, doughnut, gear, compass, etc. After destroying them, you will receive a matching knife.

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