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Magic Land


Magic Land is an engaging and extremely fun arcade game. Avoid dangerous obstacles and collect pumpkins for festive fun. Will you achieve a record score?

Magic Land - The Game for Halloween Day

Halloween season is coming! Do you have any plans for that day? If you haven't yet, let us help you have a wonderful experience at this once-a-year festival! Let's start Magic Land and join us in a mysterious world with witches and pumpkins!

Play Magic Land

In this game, the player will transform into a witch. Your mission is to collect as many pumpkins as possible. You know, Halloween is a very special day, you can see images of pumpkins everywhere. Therefore, the more pumpkins you collect, the higher score you will get. But most importantly, don't let yourself be injured by the sharp thorny balls! Good luck.

How to control in Magic Land

Players will use the computer mouse to control the witch. Every time you click the mouse, your character will change direction to avoid obstacles or collect pumpkins.

Pay Attention To Obstacles

Usually, witches are villains always and are attacked. In Magic Land, to be able to go far in this endless game, you need to avoid colliding with spiked balls. They will appear interspersed with pumpkins, so players will be more susceptible to danger. Furthermore, you are playing this game on an extremely small electric wire. If injured by the spiked balls, the character will fall, ending the game.

In addition, Magic Land also has a number of other challenges for players. Sometimes the images in the game will be blurred or changed to black and white to startle or surprise you. However, it will only last for a few seconds, then everything returns to normal. Get used to them and overcome them all!