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Magic Tiles


Magic Tiles is one of the most loved piano games today with millions of players worldwide. In the game, you will touch the black keys to create soothing sounds.

About Magic Tiles

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a professional pianist like the geniuses Beethoven, Chopin, or Mozart? Have you ever thought you would play legendary songs like Little Star, Canon, or Jingle Bells on the piano?

If you have ever had those thoughts, now is the time to make your dreams come true with the Magic Tiles game at our Basketball Stars Unblocked website!

Guide to play

Magic Tiles is very easy to play. The simple rule is to click on the black keys and avoid the white ones. Never miss a single black key to complete every song. When touching the black key, the first melodies of familiar music will play to help you relax and create a sense of excitement for the player.

Various songs

In particular, each song in the game has been programmed with great and famous music beats in the world. As long as the player presses the right black keys, the music will play very well. Magic Tiles gives players a rich music store, from classical to modern music, children's music or classic songs ...

Highlights of Magic Tiles

  • Great graphics and sound effects. You will feel like you are playing a real luxury classical piano made of expensive mahogany.
  • High-quality piano tracks. A huge collection of piano songs by Mozart and Beethoven.
  • The game is easy to play but difficult to score high. Just tap the black key and avoid the white key but in some fast-tempo songs, it's a real challenge.
  • Smooth game experience: Turn your device into a magic guitar with realistic sound effects.