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Nick Soccer Stars


About Nick Soccer Stars

Nick Soccer Stars is a fun sports game with lots of cartoon characters. In the game, the player needs to score 5 points before the opponent to gain a victory.

Not only will we bring attractive basketball games, but our mission is to introduce gamers to the most attractive sports games on the online gaming market. And Nick Soccer Stars is one of those games. You can become a basketball superstar in Basketball Stars Unblocked or Nick Basketball Stars 2, but you can also be a basketball superstar in Nick Soccer Stars. This game is in the same series as Nick Basketball Stars, where many cartoon superstars gather. They are heroes that are very loved and admired by children. Now, you can accompany these heroes to conquer exciting soccer tournaments!

Nick Soccer Stars Unblocked

Transform into a soccer superstar

In the game, you will be a soccer player, participating in tournaments to win the top position. Your mission is to win each match. Sometimes, you will have to compete alone, but sometimes, you will receive help from other teammates. Soccer matches in Nick Soccer Stars take place without time limits. The team that scores 5 points first wins and ends the match.

To score, you kick the ball into your opponent's goal. Use instructions to control the character:

  • WASD/ arrow keys - Move
  • SPACEBAR - Shoot
  • X - Super Shooot

Select characters

As introduced before, Nick Soccer Stars offers a diverse list of cartoon characters. You can randomly choose a character of your choice and accompany that character to conquer the game. In particular, each character possesses a special ability:

  • Spongebob: Splash Bash - Stun nearly opponents
  • Leo: X-Slash - Double ball shot
  • Raph: Furious Aura - Stun nearly opponents
  • Swaysway: Break Time - Block from anywhere
  • Asami: Bolt Blast - Shoot an unblockable ball

There are also many other very interesting characters. This game is among the most attractive and worth trying online soccer games. Check it out now!