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Pixel Speedrun


Test your reflexes with a pixel-perfect platformer in Pixel Speedrun! Race against the clock and dodge tricky obstacles in this challenging and rewarding game.

Pixel Speedrun Unblocked

Experience the mysterious and dangerous maze with Pixel Speedrun online. If you loved the fast pace of Slope 3, and the unexpected challenges of House of Hazards, when combining these two games, we will have a new game called Pixel Speedrun.

Players need to conquer difficult challenges and reach the finish line in the shortest time possible. Moving flexibly, your task is to help your character land in safe areas, then continue the journey while avoiding lurking dangers. Once attacked by enemies in Pixel Speedrun, you must replay the game and the time will continue to run without being reset.

Playable Game Modes

Pixel Speedrun running game offers you extremely attractive and diverse game modes.

  • Players can have fun with the most basic mode, Classic Mode. Just try to reach the portal, you can complete the level.
  • More challenging with Collect Mode. This mode is quite similar to Classic, however, you need to collect all the coins to unlock the portal.
  • Chaos Mode, an extremely fun and surprising game mode! Everything in this mode can be distorted, making Pixel Speedrun much more interesting.
  • Blind Mode is even more challenging as your character will be hidden. At that time, can you still control it to reach the finish line?
  • Practice Mode allows players to practice. But your achievements in this mode will not be used to compete on the rankings.
  • If the above modes are not difficult enough for you, then Challenges Mode will do it. More complex mazes, more obstacles and enemies are waiting for you!