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Princesses Basketball Team Cheerleading

Princesses Basketball Team Cheerleading is an extremely fun dress-up game. You will form a basketball team and give your all to your favorite team.

Princesses Basketball Team Cheerleading

Welcome to Princesses Basketball Team Cheerleading! If you want to cheer for your favorite basketball team, then come to this game and prepare well!

Story of the game

Flynn Ryder and Jack are having a basketball game tomorrow, they are both very handsome and have many female fans. The girls in Princesses Basketball Team Cheerleading are the same, they split into 2 teams to cheer for these two boys. Your task is to choose attractive outfits and banners that convey strength and confidence to them.


Players will use the mouse to select items as well as banners, font sizes, and fonts for characters.

Options in the game

Costumes are one of the most essential items for a cheerleader. The girls are divided into two teams with two main colors, typically blue and red for each group. Players will choose the right and eye-catching hairstyle, shoes, shirt, and dress to make the cheering event a success.

In addition, the banner is also an extremely necessary item. The banner will have an image of Jack or Ryder, you just need to choose other details to add to the appeal of the banner. Design a beautiful banner with a background, font, and other effects.