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Retro Bowl


Retro Bowl is an American football that is designed with pixel graphics. Players will participate in and guide a team to be the winner of matches.

Some Information About Retro Bowl

If you are a fan of sports, you definitely know about this sport - American football, also known as rugby. And Retro Bowl is developed based on this famous sport. In this online rugby game, players will become rugby players as well as a coach for their own team.

Your mission is to become the winner in all the matches which you will take part in. To reach this aim, players need to get high scores in those matches. Besides, if you have never played this game before, don't worry because we will provide detailed instructions to help you understand the rules of the game.

Enjoy Retro Bowl Online Game

Playing Retro Bowl is fun and even addictive. For those who love sports in general or rugby in particular, playing this game makes them unable to take their eyes off. Below are detailed instructions to help players enjoy the Retro Bowl without interruption.

  • Access the game, choose a team you want to join and another team to compete against you.
  • Start the game, control your players, and try to score goals, protect points, and prevent opponents from scoring.
  • Trying to complete challenges and reach milestones will also unlock rewards and power-ups.
  • If players want to unlock new stadiums, win as many as possible. You can even unlock new rugby teams.
  • In Retro Bowl, you can put your name on the leaderboard, try to achieve this goal, and move up the rankings.

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