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Rise Hero


What is Rise Hero?

Rise Hero is an action game with exciting gameplay. Players control a hero in the game to defeat all the monsters and get useful items. Are you ready?

Are you looking for an excellent game to kill time? If your answer is yes, welcome to the Rise Hero game! This is a new game, but receiving a lot of positive feedback from gamers.

Playing Rise Hero

Become a hero

Coming to this impressive game, you will transform into a human hero who will fight monsters and save the world. Your mission is to kill all the monsters. They will also be unforgiving with you. As soon as they detect that you are appearing in their area, those monsters will immediately approach and attack the hero. However, these monsters are just minions for the boss. Your biggest task is to defeat that dangerous boss. The peaceful world of Rise Hero is really in danger because of these dangerous monsters. The peace of the world depends on you!

Tips for playing Rise Hero

  • Defeating monsters will give you the opportunity to receive rewards such as coins or items.
  • Make daily requests to receive other rewards.
  • Players can access the hero's bag to change weapons such as dual swords, bows, clubs, etc.


  • Use the WASD to move.
  • Use the spacebar to use the skill.
  • Press J or click the mouse to attack.
  • Press K to use the power.

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