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Rope Ninja


Rope Ninja is a fun game. Transform into an angry bird ninja and perform incredible actions. Players will collect coins and pass as many platforms as possible.

Experience Rope Ninja

Rope Ninja's gameplay

Surely for gamers, the images of angry birds and ninjas are extremely familiar. Today, I will introduce to gamers a game that combines both of the above images. It's a game called Rope Ninja, with lovely details. And it's available on our Basketball Stars Unblocked website.

Coming to this action game, players will practice to become a true ninja with mastered skills. You will take advantage of the small angry birds flying in the sky to overcome the islands. Throw weapons at those birds to create momentum to fly across the islands.


Players will click the mouse to master the game

Interesting elements of Rope Ninja

Each island you pass will be counted as one point. Players don't even need to set foot on each island. From your location to the farthest island you reach will be the number of points you receive.

Players should pay attention to coins placed randomly on the islands. Collect them to get more profits.

So, what are coins used for? With the coins collected, players can use them to change turns. If you exercise your right to change turns, your achievements will not be lost.