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Skate Rush Challenge


About Skate Rush Challenge

Skate Rush Challenge is an exciting game about skating. In this game, you will control your character to skate and jump over obstacles to get high scores.

Play the game

This game is extremely interesting, right? But how to play it? In this article, detailed instructions will be shown to you. Follow the below information to become a master of the Skate Rush Challenge game!

You will role-play as a skateboy who is so active and specialized. Your mission is to overcome all the challenges of the game to skate as far as possible. In addition, there are a lot of useful items in the game, collect them to give yourself an advantage.

How to control your character?

Control the skateboy of the game is so simple, you just need to click the mouse to help him jump over the obstacles. However, the importance is the moment to jump up. Whether jumping early or late can lead to being swept away by inertia and not being able to brake, leading to falling into a trap. Therefore, jump as soon as the opportunity comes.

In The Shop of Skate Rush Challenge

If you are observant, you will notice that there are not only obstacles in the game but also coins. Including gold, silver, and copper coins. The more you can collect them, the greater your chances of buying items in Skate Rush Challenge's store, especially skins for characters.

There will be skins that can only be purchased with gold coins. On the contrary, there are also skins that can only be purchased with silver or copper coins. That's why you need to collect all of them, not prioritize which coin type since you have the goal of unlocking which skins first.

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