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Street Basketball


What is Street Basketball?

Street Basketball provides players with an exciting street-style sports platform. Will you play basketball on the street and score lots of points?

It can be said that this basketball game is one of the interesting sports games that you should try, if you are a sports lover. The game will help you entertain and reduce stress at any time.

Playing Street Basketball Game

Your aim in the game

Participating in basketball games, your task is definitely to hit the ball as many times as possible. But in Street Basketball, throwing the ball is neither simple nor too difficult because it has many baskets running from left to right.

In 90 seconds, how many points will you score? Pick up the ball and try to throw it into the basket with the highest score. Each basket of the game will be placed in different positions and carry numbers representing the points you will receive. For example, if you hit baskets numbered 35, 100, or 150, you can receive 35, 100, or 150 points for each successful shot. Good luck.


The player will use the mouse to control the character's movement to pick up the ball as well as identify the target. Click the A button to throw the ball.

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