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Super Snappy Hoops


Super Snappy Hoops is a fascinating ball game. You need to control the ball, the more balls you throw into the basket, the more points and coins you get.

About Super Snappy Hoops


Scoring is not only essential in every game but it is also your most important task in any basketball game like Super Snappy Hoops or Basketball Fury. But this game will be a little more special, you will stand still in the original position to throw the ball on target.

It sounds simple, but to be able to do this task is not easy. Players need to throw the ball into the basket whose position will change constantly, so the difficulty will also be much more difficult.


Players can use the mouse to control. Click, hold, and swipe up to direct the ball to the position of the basket and score.

Super Snappy Hoops' attractions

Random matches

Every player's match in Super Snappy Hoops will have an opponent. Most of the time, when you choose to start the game, the game will choose a random opponent for you. After the end of the match, you can also know your score and how much your opponent is.

You and your opponent will compete in 3 rounds. The winner will be the one with a higher total score than his opponent. Of course, the score through each round and the total score of all 3 rounds will be displayed by the updated game system and shown to the player. Are you confident you will be the winner?

Play with your own account

Creating a personal account to play this game will make your game experience so much better. Only when logging into their game account can players maintain levels, unlock skins, conquer game targets as well as many other attractive features.