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Tetris is an addictive puzzle game with simple but equally attractive tile gameplay, promising to bring exciting moments of entertainment right on your browser.

Play Tetris Game


Tetris game must be no stranger to users. This mind game has been popular all over the world for many years now, now you can play this game on our website completely free.

  • The goal of Tetris is to score as many points as possible by clearing horizontal rows.
  • The player must rotate, move, and drop the falling blocks inside the Matrix (playground).
  • The rows will disappear when they are filled by blocks and there are no gaps.
  • As more rows are cleared, your level will increase, so the game will also become more difficult.
  • If the rows of tiles touch the line above the top of the blackboard, the game is over.


Players can use the arrow keys on the keyboard to control. Or, you can also use the mouse to click on the arrow icons on the screen.

Features of Tetris

The game is increasingly upgraded and improved with more attractive and convenient functions. In the Tetris version on our website, players can see related stats that will be continuously updated in the right corner of the screen.

Players can both play the game and track their own achievements. You can see how many levels you have passed and what level you are currently playing. Besides, you can also know how many points you have achieved and delete how many horizontal rows in total.

Overall, this is an extremely attractive game. If you are interested in puzzle games, in addition to Tetris, we also have Wordle games. This is also a super product that is very "hot" in the online game market.