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Traffic Tour


Traffic Tour is a thrilling car racing game. You must master the speed and steering wheel and move steadily towards the finish line, defeating all opponents.

Traffic Tour - An Addictive Racing Game

If you are a passionate fan of racing games like Crazy Cars, or you like games with speed, Traffic Tour is an indispensable choice in your game list. This game will take you to breathtaking racing tracks where you can only win or lose. Will your performance take you to any title?

Join the racetrack

Traffic Tour offers players races in which you are the main character. There will only be you and any online player competing against each other. The player who reaches the finish line first will be the winner and receive a prize. So how will your bonus be calculated? Before entering the race, the game will calculate the value of the car you choose to race. Adding that value to the level you choose will increase the bet for the race. You can choose an easy, hard, or normal level, but the higher the difficulty, the bigger the reward.

Control the game

  • Use the arrow keys to steer
  • Press The SHIFT key to use the turbo.
  • To brake, press the down key.

Features of Traffic Tour

  • The game has many different modes, such as Career, Racing, Streety Mining Modes, and Daily Event.
  • At the game store, you can buy equipment for yourself.
  • Traffic Tour's garage provides players with a series of supercars with beautiful appearance as well as powerful power.
  • Players can upgrade their cars to achieve good performance in the race.
  • You can also customize the car with colors and patterns on the body.

Overall, Traffic Tour is a racing game that integrates all the addictive elements from graphics, to gameplay as well as game speed. Everything is great, don't miss it!