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War Sea


War Sea is an exciting action game. Mobilize and guide your soldiers to fight and defeat all enemies on the sea battlefield to receive money after each win.

About War Sea

In the world of games, there are a lot of kinds of games like sports games with Basketball Stars Unblocked, and puzzle games with Wordle. And today, we would like to introduce you to an action game called War Sea.

This is one of the newly released action games but is highly appreciated not only for its attractive game content but also for its unique graphic design.

Enjoy War Sea

The gameplay of War Sea

In this game, players need to control their soldiers to move on the water and fight against opponents. Your soldiers will be standing on ships with advanced weapons. The player's task is to move around the sea in search of enemies. When you get close to an enemy, soldiers will automatically attack and destroy them. Until you destroy all the enemy's rafts and soldiers, you will win.

Controls: Use the mouse to control this game.

Merge in the game

This is an action game combined with the ability to merge heroes. So what happens when merged? When soldiers merge together, they will create a new product, a new soldier with a higher level, and greater strength, and his weapons are also more advanced. Therefore, it can be said that consolidation is one of the keys to helping your success come faster in the War Sea.

In addition, when coming to this game, players can expand their raft larger. Even change its color to make it more prominent, and more suitable to your preferences. After that, players can also purchase additional soldiers and weapons such as cannons before entering the fierce battlefield.