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Basketball Star


Basketball Star is a basketball court where boys show off their skills. Who will win the game? Help your character score goals and defend with teammates.

Experience Basketball Star

When it comes to basketball games, people often think of Basketball Stars Unblocked. However, today, we want to introduce you to another game that is also very impressive, Basketball Star. This is a new game, and it is quite possible to beat other games to sit at the top of this game genre.

Basketball battles

In the game, players will undergo matches consisting of 6 players on the field, each team will have 3 people. The players of the two teams will be distinguished by blue and red colors. The player's task is to score as many goals as possible. Each time you score, you will get 2 points or more. At the end of the match time, you will be the winner if your team has a higher score.

Game control

In fact, this game has many other similarities with However, it is improved both in terms of visuals and gameplay.

  • The player uses the mouse to move.
  • Direct the player to the opponent's basket area to score.
  • Click the mouse to choose the direction of the ball when scoring from further away.

Great features of the game

Basketball Star's store

This is where the player can buy items for his character. Basically, the game's store will provide extremely interesting items. Players can visit the store and buy items for players to make them look a lot better with extremely fashionable shoes and clothes. You can also buy basketball courts to change the playing environment.


A variety of lovely characters will be provided to players. You can play Basketball Star in the form of a girl, a strong, handsome guy, or even a cat trainer. In particular, the game will provide the character's skill stats so that you can more easily choose. And don't forget to unlock super-throwing skills!