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City Blocks


About City Blocks Game

City Blocks is an attractive puzzle game. Players need to combine at least three similar buildings to form a better block and finally get a beautiful city.

Welcome all the players coming to this exciting puzzle game, called City Blocks! This game is truly fascinating with a lot of intricate details requiring gamers to brainstorm to get intelligent answers. So, if you are ready, we will start this game and learn about tips to play the game right now!


In the City Blocks game, players need to arrange similar blocks next to each other to upgrade them to a new building. So, are there any requirements for these blocks? The answer is yes. A total of 8 types of blocks correspond to 8 building levels.

The higher the level of buildings, the more beautiful they will be and the larger the population. Your mission is to create a large city with as many residents as possible.

Notes for players

Therefore, players need to place three or more buildings of the same type next to each other to upgrade them. Upgraded buildings will provide more population for your city.

Upgraded buildings will provide more population for your city. You can see the next type of building at the bottom of the game. And, to add a new building, players select an empty field.

The City Blocks game will display the total population of your city in the upper left corner. Especially, you will get jokers from time to time, and use them to replace the next buildings with a building of your choice. If there is no space left to place any building, the game is over. The main menu will save and display your high score.

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