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Jimbo Jump


Jimbo Jump brings players to an impressive entertainment space. Accompany the boy Jimbo to overcome all challenges, and escape the haunted house.

Playing The Game Jimbo Jump

Accompanying Jimbo

You are experiencing one of our new games called Jimbo Jump. Although it is a new game to the audience, with the interesting gameplay, as well as the quality of the game's graphics, I believe you will like it.

So how good is this game? Coming to Jimbo Jump, you will play as a boy who has to stay home alone. It's scary, that house has ghosts, your task is to help him avoid these ghosts. Through each floor of the building, there are ghosts guarding, you need to jump to avoid hitting them. Can you complete the challenge?


Players can use the mouse to control this game. Clicking the mouse will help your character jump, and clicking and holding the mouse will help you jump higher, to get to a higher floor.

How to calculate the points of Jimbo Jump

In this arcade game, if you only make a short jump to get past the ghost, you won't get any points. Instead, the player will receive 1 point for each floor you pass. As you know, you can Taller jump to jump from downstairs to upstairs, that's when you get points. But players also need to observe carefully so as not to be caught by ghosts as soon as they reach the upper floor. How many points can you get, can you make admirable records?

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