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Scary Memory Halloween


Scary Memory Halloween is a special puzzle game dedicated to the Halloween holiday season. Find similar images on the board to complete the mission.

Scary Memory Halloween - The Halloween's Game

To meet the need to find games for the upcoming Halloween season, we continue to introduce to gamers a new game, called Scary Memory Halloween. Previously, Magic Land received enthusiastic support from players, hopefully, today's new game will also satisfy you.

Below is some information about the game, if you are interested, visit and enjoy it!

Play Scary Memory Halloween Game


As a puzzle game, its gameplay is quite familiar. Players just need to flip the cards on the screen and search for another identical image. Especially, because this is a game for Halloween, the images will be related to this festival. For example, vampires, ghosts, pumpkins, etc. On the board of the game, each image will only appear on 2 different cards. Therefore, there are a maximum of 12 different images. Flip them all and connect them to complete the game levels.

How to control

The way to play Scary Memory Halloween is quite simple. As mentioned above, players will turn over the cards to find similar images. Therefore, you will only need to use the computer mouse base to conquer this game.

Options in Scary Memory Halloween

Coming to this game, players will have 4 choices before starting the challenge. Your choices will determine the difficulty of the game. You can choose to play at the lowest level with 4 photos, the highest level with 24 photos, or average levels with a moderate amount of photos.

Overall, the images of Scary Memory Halloween are extremely adorable so you will easily remember them and their locations to master this game. Although it is a game designed to welcome the Halloween season, players can immerse themselves and enjoy it at any time.